tasteful is a project that is continually improving over time, and it does so in a somewhat non-linear manner due to my personal life. In spite of that, this is a rough roadmap as to what the future of tasteful will look like.

⚠️ Note: None of this is definitive. These stages may be pushed back, rearranged, and so on.

  • ✅ ✨ Stage 0.1 goes live.
  • ✅ ⌨️ Stage 0.2 Preregistration opens, permitting users to reserve a username and receive a special badge upon launch.
  • ✅ 🕵️‍♀️ Stage 0.3 Album search functionality opens to the public.
  • Stage 0.4 Ratings are completed. Hell Yeah!
  • 📝 Stage 0.5 Reviews are completed. Hell Yeah: The Sequel! Importing ratings and reviews will also be implemented at this time.
  • 📊 Stage 0.6 Chartmaking support will be introduced in an alpha stage.
  • 🥳 Stage 0.7 tasteful opens to the general public in a beta stage.
  • ✍️ Stage 0.8 Blogs are completed and open to the public.
  • 🔥 Stage 1.0 tasteful is officially fully released. It's not done, but it's ready for primetime!


  • 🤔 TBD There are a lot more features that we're still racking our brains about. This page will be updated with more information as it is decided upon.
  • 😡 Why is development so slow? It is likely that a lot of these goals will be achieved at different times to what's said on Twitter (for instance). It's also worth mentioning that development will slow heavily throughout 2020 as I enter my final year of high school.