Thank you for even considering donating!

It truly means the world, and your donations will go to directly to the tasteful team, unless stated otherwise on the tier. Let's talk about how to unlock the full buffet of features tasteful has been cooking up over the last year or two.

All prices are in $USD.


$3/mo 🥞

The base tier has the following benefits...

  • ❌ No advertisements.
  • Early access to major tasteful updates (ie 0.x.0 versions).
  • Receive the kinda nice and neat Silver Supporter badge! It's pretty cool.

$5/mo 🍨

Get the same bonuses as the $3/mo folk, in addition to the following...

  • More nuanced profile customisation.
  • Unlock every single customisation option for the website and make tasteful your own.
  • Receive the very special and cool Golden Supporter badge! How pretty.

$10/mo 🌟

Receive all the benefits of the other tiers, and...

  • Use minor updates (ie 0.x.x rather than 0.x.0 'major' updates) early, live on the official tasteful website.
  • Get deeper insight into what I'm working on and what's coming next.
  • Receive the Platinum Titanium Cool Mineral Supporter badge. Very impressive stuff. You deserve it.

The Care Package

The Care Package is, essentially, just a donation to express your gratitude. I know that it seems self-indulgent to put this as an option, but we really want to give the opportunity for our users to not only keep the doors open here, but to also unlock even more doors for the awesome open-source projects that keep tasteful working around-the-clock.

In addition to those causes, every month a quarter of all Care Package donations goes to a specific cause.

Donations will be split amongst the following every month:

💰 Starting from $5

Screenshot of tasteful code.

I can see myself from here!